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 JuiceBox® is a mobile power generator that is designed for industrial use. It is an inverter generator that uses solar energy to provide an endless source of clean electric power. It is housed in a saddle-style truck toolbox, with a solar panel mounted on the lid. The JuiceBox stores energy in its battery bank so it may continue to provide electrical power long after the sun has gone down. It is highly mobile and incredibly versatile. 

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JuiceBox Solar Powered Generator

The JuiceBox® is Better

Because it:

  • Uses solar energy that is abundant and free.
  • Produces zero emissions – environmentally friendly.
  • Runs silently. Perfect for evening use at a worksite or campsite.
  • Contains no moving parts to break or malfunction.

Runs continuously for extended periods, limited only by battery storage and exposure to sunlight.

No Gas, No Emissions, No Noise

The JuiceBox uses 12 volt dry, deep cycle, glass mat marine batteries. They do not contain acid or lithium. The batteries store electricity converted from the solar panel or from an electrical AC (wall) input. A fully charged battery bank can provide up to 36 hours of continuous power. If the JuiceBox is exposed to sunlight during the day, the batteries can provide an endless source of power.

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